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  • Nice turnkey solution to interface with BlinkM...with a decent Java library available...which could use more JavaDoc. ;)
    My only complaint is the hardware packaging. This module could have been far shorter...and trying to stuff it and a female-to-female USB adapter into a small-sized illuminating device (e.g., build status orb, Munny) is difficult. I find that arrangement preferable to leaving the dongle plugged into my PC and then remoting to the illuminating device with a ribbon cable. In my config, you can use a standard USB cable to connect the illuminating device and your PC...but this dongle is far too long for that arrangement for most f my applications.
    Sure, I could bust out a soldering iron and solve the problem, but seriously, if I was inclined to do that, I probably wouldn't have bought this over and arduino mini in the first place. :)
    Wish that it was a third of it's length...and was USB female by default.

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