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  • I am wondering if there's a way to get the SM5100B to update its time/date from the cellular network.
    If I display its current time (AT+CCLK) it is still incorrect after successfully connecting to the cell network, attaching to GRPS (AT+CGATT), and activating the PDP context. I assumed that at some point the module would do this automatically, as cell phones do.

  • well my thought was that the "triggerer" should be able to pass in the EXIF data that it wanted to add such as GPS coordinates, timestamp, orientation, camera type etc.
    I dont think having the naming convention in the file names is enough to allow the "triggerer" to reliably associate metadata with a picture file.
    Also in a future rev at least consider including a minimal EXIF header which indicates that the photo was produced by the JPEG trigger, which firmware version, any of the JPEG compression metadata that might apply...

  • I would be interested in adding the capability to include an EXIF header (metadata about the time and location of the photograph, etc.) in the JPEQ files it produces.
    Maybe modifying the firmware to allow header data to be sent via the serial pins would work. Does that seem feasible?

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