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Sensor Integration

  • I know the post is very old, but on page 15 of the Bosch data sheet, they recommend putting 4.7kOhm resistors to Vddd on both SCL and SDA. Looks like they were just following the datasheets recommendations.

  • Although stainless conducts heats orders of magnitudes slower than pure copper or aluminum, that would really only have an effect on the response time of the system. It will reach the steady state temperature of the solution, but it may not represent the temperature of the solution exactly if the solution’s temperature is varying rapidly. Stainless thermocouples are used all the time in both chemical and biological processes. Stainless still conducts much better than air. For comparison, aluminum’s thermal conductivity = 250, stainless steel’s thermal conductivity = 16, and air’s thermal conductivity = .024 W/(mK).

  • Truly would be beneficial. Since Farnell doesn’t have a US based office, would it be possible to maybe purchase one of these off of you through paypal. If we could work out some sort of international shipping arrangement :) We are going to use this sensor to enhance the accuracy of the alcohol gas sensor to determine the concentration of alcohol in the liquid phase from a vapor stream.

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