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  • I just received this board and would like to get started tampering with my car's brain. But before I do, I want to back up the brain in case I muck things up. Any idea what software I can use to back up my ECU using this board? or is that even possible?

  • P.s. you won't find this information freely available on the flir website or their distributor's websites, so stop researching there. It isn't something that flir really wants people to know. Imagine how customers who paid 4k for the E8 feel when they find out they overpaid by 3k.

    P.p.s. "seems highly unlikely" - yeah, it does, until you spend a minute in deep thought about it. It isn't so much the manufacture of the sensor that costs the most money. Its the engineering, and its the manufacture setup. If flir were to offer the E-series cams with 4 different sensors, they would need to engineer 4 separate products, and they would need 4 separate manufacturing processes. Much more efficient to have only one, and the more of one single product you manufacture, the cheaper that one part becomes to manufacture. Even though the one sensor costs slightly more to manufacture than the same quantity of an 80x60 sensor would, they couldn't sell that large quantity of such a crappy sensor. they aren't losing any money on E4s and they sure as heck aren't losing anything on the E8s ( if anyone is even still buying them).

  • My source is my flir E4 with 320x240 resolution. Google "eevblog flir e4 teardown" for 414 pages worth of infirmation about it, success stories, a few failure stories, and links and instructions how to hack the E4 into an E8 (with more features than the E8). You'll find my contribution to that thread buried somewhere in there under the alias "strantor"

  • Please inform yourself before posting wrong statements about posting wrong statements. The FLiR dev kit uses the same sensor as the FLiR One (the Lepton core) but it does NOT use the same sensor as the FLiR E4. The E4 uses the same sensor as the E5, E6, and E8, which is actually a 320x240 sensor, crippled at 4 different levels for 4 different prices. I REALLY WISH that this dev kit had the same sensor as the E4 but no such luck. I would be promptly hacking it to 320x240 if so.

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