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  • I would suggest ordering the voltage selection pins 5V, Vcc, 3.3V (instead of Vcc, 5V, 3.3V) so we can breadboard a switch in without wires.

  • I just purchased this board and, after some research, I still have a question about the PDI interface. I see Atmel uses an AT90USB chip to transmit data to the XMega. I don't have an AT90USB, but I do have the (older) Sparkfun ATMega8u2 break-out. Is it possible to use the 8u2 to program the XMega over PDI?

  • I have the 8u2 version of this board and I'm looking into PDI for the XMega chips. Is there any way to use this to program an XMega over PDI?

  • "Does your cauliflower have a big carbon footprint?"

  • "Thank you, Mr. Murphy. We'll let you know..." - Trainspotting

  • If you're using the Arduino Serial Monitor for your terminal, you have to set "No line ending" for the $$$ command. Any data within 1 second of the $$$ command will nullify that command. All other data must be sent with a carriage return, so set that option in the Serial monitor AFTER entering your $$$ command.

  • In my experience, the D command should work regardless. I have been able to command D, E, etc with all pairings removed and no stored addresses. Pay special attention to the fact that a carriage return after $$$ will nullify the command, but a carriage return is required for all other commands.

  • You can also store a BT address in the module and set it up as Auto-Master (or something like that... it's in the manual) so it attempts a connection to the paired device on startup.

  • You said not to ask for more detail, so I'm going to ask for more detail! I would love to hear more about this subject. I'm sure there are some out there who want to work with things like analog audio circuits and share this interest.

  • Heisenberg and Pinkman. Since you're already hacking the stencil machine, add a uC and speaker so it says "Bitch!" every time it finishes a board.

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