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  • So what's your point? Since when is it not cool to provide feedback about a product I paid for with hard earned cash? Simple kits meant for beginners should be properly silkscreened for polarity etc. Don't get it.

  • I bought this kit for my 14 year old to build as a little summer holiday project. I was impressed with the quality of the board and parts with one exception. The polarity for an electrolytic cap as well as the piezo are not indicated on the board so we had to go through some trial & error to get it right. I would advise that the PCB is improved with better indications.

  • I had the exact same issue. Bought unit back in mid_March but only now got to it since I was away from home. Plugged it in and 10 minutes or so later zap! My Mac complained that a device on USB drew too much power and was about to damage my Mac so it was shutdown.... What happened next in your case? Was your geiger counter replaced? Thanks

  • I ordered one and waiting for it to ship to me in Tokyo. As you can imagine, given the tragedies of late, I am more than looking forward to receiving this unit! Please post more on the v1.3 firmware mentioned above. I too don't care about random numbers at this point. Will I be able to see CPM out the door?
    I'm curious to see how this unit compares to the following :

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