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  • The best way I've found so far is to watch the blue light. When the light goes out it is time to recharge the battery.

  • SPI on edison is kind of borked (see primiano's comments in the edison community boards for some coloring ) There are also other informative posts by folks who have worked to get DooM running on the Edison over an SPI display

  • I'm trying to find actual technical information on this part. I'm seeing if I can get it hooked up to an Intel Edison, but am having a hard time finding the technical docs on the electrical properties, pinout, and protocol for this board. Does anyone know where that info is hidden?

  • The hookup guide lists "Arduino Breakout", which is confusing. Intel has their mini breakout and an arduino breakout. Can that guide be updated to simply include the pinout of the raw edison and how it hooks up to the pi module?

  • is the Pure Engineering spec sheet for the board

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