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  • Maybe I can figure out how to wire this to the wife. That way when she calls me by name to do something, it will activate. Then I can then honestly say I did not hear her!!

  • I just signed up yesterday or so. I have known about free day for 2 years now, just did not have the job or the funds to purchase anything from any store. I was hopeing to get some free stuff and purchase about $100 at the same time. Got knocked off after trying to get to my first question. Never could get a connection.
    Guess they upgraded the web servers from Pics to ArduWEENIES! Not much of an upgrade. HAHA.
    Really though, Thanks Sparkfun for FreeDay. Eventhough I held off placing an order, I will break a few piggy banks, look under the sofa cushions, the truck ash tray and under the truck seat to scrape together the money to start a project. 2 years is a long time to go without doing anything with electronics. I hate this ECONOMY. I work in Networking and it sucks.

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