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  • I want to point out that the joystick mounts under the panel. The Red Ball top unscrews, and the "black disk" the dust washer goes above the panel. It covers the opening in your panel and keeps dirt and dust from falling inside and jamming your joystick. The opening for the Joystick lever or shaft should be about 24mm or approx 0.94 inches.

  • You need more Amps not voltage. A typical Rasberry Pi fine with a 5v 1 amp USB wall charger. If you also trying to power a USB Wifi dongle, try finding a USB charger that supplies 2 or 3 amps. You may also want to plug the USB Wifi dongle into a powered USB hub and not the Raspberry Pi as the Raspberry Pi's current regulator can only take so much.

  • This joystick is nearly identical to the Seimitsu LS-32 joystick. This stick will take standard Seimitsu or Sanwa Ball tops. I think this stick can be used as a replacement part for Mad Catz SE and TE Arcade controllers.
    I did look and you be hard pressed to find a lower price "Japanese style" joystick.

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