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  • If it's the same FET affected, if you mounted it the same way and it had the exact same failure mode....then I can say yes - it worked for me.

    That's a lot of "if's". Robert451's issue sounded a bit different than mine for example - he may taken out his switching power supply as part of his damage.

    It's tricky to say anything for sure unless you start troubleshooting with a meter, etc. Would depend on your technical ability, otherwise you'd probably want to talk to tech support.

  • That makes me feel better/more comfortable about bypassing the FET - I have my own switch on my battery pack anyway - I don't use the external switch input at the moment - just left the jumper on the switch bypass as per default. From your description it sounds like your board may have fared worse than mine - though I'm using it in low voltage mode....I think the switching regulator is unused in that mode (could be wrong).

    Is what it is I guess. The moral of the story for me was "watch out for metal chassis screws".

  • I got my T'Rex controller from Robotshop and ended up with a self inflicted issue as well - same part got affected.

    From what I've gathered, that part is a P Channel MOSFET. I'm not sure of the function (no schematic). I'm guessing it might be used as a way for the board to disconnect battery voltage, or maybe it's for the external power switch input somehow...I haven't fully reverse engineered the board....but I was able to bring my board back to life by bypassing this component with a wire, shorting the drain and source pins. I think what caused my issue was also the chassis screws. They're mounted just low enough that I didn't notice them touching the bottom of the board when inserting it in the battery compartment, but the supplied standoffs still allow you to mount it.

    Replacement FET on the way - here's hoping it's the only damaged part. If anyone happens to have a schematic, that would be lovely. :)

  • Thanks!

  • This may have already been answered, but is there default code on this device that does something (cycles through each output, etc? )

  • ' Try embedding LEDs into it for a cool diffuse glow effect. ' - This sounds neat. Anyone have any pictures or videos of this?

  • I'm a big fan of this kit. Great buy.

  • Nevermind. I think I found it.

  • What exactly is the pin spacing for the shields? Is there a dimensioned drawing somewhere? I'd like to throw together some of my own and am feeling -way- too lazy to pull out my calipers at the moment. :)

  • Oh neat. Geeze guys pretty soon you'll have everything I need to do anything. :P

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