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  • I believe the line of code should be

    for(int s_led=1; s_led < 4; s_led++)

    because LED=s_led and the switch statement has cases for LED equal to 1, 2 and 3.

  • This is funny, I like the email I got.
    “SparkFun thanks you for your participation in Free Day 2011!
    Free Day 2011 has come and gone - thank you for participating. Initial reports are that we’ve given away $150,451.00 to our customers and set aside another $22,988.00 for charity. Be sure to watch for the Free Day 2011 Recap for final numbers, statistics, and pretty graphs!
    You chose to gamble with the quiz questions. You attempted 0 questions. Unfortunately, you didn’t win any money this time around.
    Thanks again for participating in Free Day 2011!"
    Correction, I was asked 0 questions. I should have taken the $40, it would have been better than $0. Oh, another wasted attempt at free day, at least I did not waste as much of my time like I did last year.

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