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  • if you want to buy one, your looking for something like a wifi ap antenna. Or you can roll your own for a few cents. The thing to remember is radio propagation is a zero sum game. you can have a low gain antenna that sends signal in all directions or a high gain antenna that only sends and receives signals from the direction the antenna is pointed.

  • If the picture above is any indication, it is a helically wound, end fed wire antenna. This is not a "High-Gain Antenna".

  • Probably not. The features list states "Up to 9 mi (14 km) LOS w/ Dipole Antennaā€¯ This assumes perfect propagation of the signals. A long antenna has a different radiation pattern than a dipole and as a result, a long wire will have less gain than a dipole. You will likely see a useful range that is considerably less than 9 miles. Additionally, both styles of antenna have null areas where little signal is emitted. If your devices are aligned such that each is in the null of the others radiation pattern, you will see much much less than the ideal range. To further muck things up, if one antenna is aligned horizontally and the other is aligned vertically, they will be out of phase with each other and signal reception will be further degraded. That said, a dipole is not difficult to construct for the frequencies involved.. Give it a shot and see what happens. You can also install a long wire on your field module and a high gain directional on your base station. If you can track your field module with the high gain antenna (something you will probably have to do with the dipole anyway) you can probably expect better results. Visit the A.R.R.L. website for a truckload of antenna information.

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