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  • As a foreign customer, well used to deal with american aerospace, I have to say, regrettably, that this action from SPARC (a name I always respected) is "America at its worst". In an age of greed and paranoia like the one we are in, this is another confirmation that there is something wrong in the system.
    SparkFun has all the rights to keep using its domain name, o better, to not answer the request to transfer the domain (there are the initial extremes of something illegal in a request like this).
    In addition, in all these years I never made a mental association with SPARC, and I am well acquainted with that name.
    Everybody knows that domain names are a big thing these days, but apparently SPARC woke up a little late to the game. Or perhaps some smart guy there (one from marketing, of course) is ready to start a new campaign playing with the words Spark and SPARC. How smart! I wonder why nobody thought that before ...

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