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  • My senior design project (2010) was to make a Marauder's Map. We created cheap pressure-sensing 4" x 4" tiles out of wood, foam, copper tape, and some I2C based capacitive sensing chip. All the sensor data was collected and transmitted to the local network via UDP packets by a Gumstix micro. This was before everyone had a smartphone/tablet, so we used a netbook with a custom app to display all the readings. We built a section of floor about 2' x 4' and you could see people walking around on it for our demo. It was pretty neat at the time, but would have required your entire floor be covered with our tiles. Now I suspect you could make it easier and faster with a few bluetooth/wifi sensors and some MAC triangulating.

  • I love that the battery shield has stackable headers and a fuel gauge on board. Just ordered 2 to make flashy toys/sensors for the new baby.

  • As long as I keep my office messy and patriotic no one will notice I'm just checking my Gmail...

  • Introducing: Sparkfun's new Ambilight clone for beards!

  • I placed an order about 20 minutes before this went up with the sole intention of saving my CC info so I could get through the checkout for this quickly.

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