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  • I just got this baby from the Greek sparksfun partner. One question only : what does that "preheat" for 24h mean?
    - Do I leave it 24h with 1.4v? (28% PWM)
    - Do I cycle it for 24h (1.4/5v)
    and WHY?
    Is preheat period needed only for the so called calibration or for usage also?
    Thank you for yout time in advance for answering this

  • The Schematic of this shows ATMega8. It MUST be old... I am almost done writing my own pro Simon game but needs ports 5, 6, 9, or 10 for PWM (PWM ports 3 & 11 get meshed up when using the tone() command). Please anyone having this or sparkfan : tell me the ports the LED use

  • Gee I am new to all this but isn't there a good chance this could be combine with an arduino and an XBee so it could send images to the PC? Can't this be used to make a RF control car/robot that feedbacks what it sees?

  • Having the "UNO" bootloader does this mean it's only for 16HZ usage? Or I could use a 16HZ/5V layout to pass the sketch to it and then use it on a 8Hz/3.3V setup?

  • I got this baby today. It's my first step on electronics and I LOVE it!
    Question : I just completed the 1st led example (and around 10 versions of mine with loops, moorse code etc!) and I just figured out how the breadboard works... but : Isn't the "to 5v" cable needless there? I mean... I took it off and it still works (the digital pin out, outputs 5v to the LED doesn't it?) Why is then that 5v in the scematic since it works without it?

  • I discovered this site 4 days ago and I am SO thrilled about it and all a person can do by combining a few goodies here n there (I also discovered about arduino and electronics a few days ago). I thought it would be good if I could get a glimpse of free day but I didn't manage to connect... so? I believe I speak for everyone when I say a huge THANK YOU for giving something back (I thought it was a simple store but when I saw the amount of giveaway something told me I stumbled on an earth-wide known source of innovations!)

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