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  • I don’t get it. you guys act like this is the first playset of extruded aluminum t-slot or something. Xbeams tried and died even when Trossen took over. If you get this hobby kit, you are stuck with a .394 profile and a limited # of connectivity options,.. whereas if you start with 80/20, you have a massive amount of real-world parts available.
    Don’t get burned like the xbeam robot people did. get a system of parts where the options are as wide as your imagination, not just some guys on kickstarter who wanna re-make an old toy.

  • Maybe sell some of these kits WITHOUT the UNO?
    This might solve some issues where we already have an XXuino.

  • I think SparkFun just got some massive freebies themselves. Calculate the users time in attempted page-loads x # of unsuccessful page loads, multiply that by a freelancer’s wage in a web testing environment.
    Someone got screwed.

  • regardless, should have no basis on site access.
    Define Free for me?
    If you look at the # of users that spent 2+ hours (reloading) and DID NOT get paid, they kinda got screwed out of their time, no?

  • How was it a “Great Event” when 90% of these posters were getting a Grey “loading page”??

  • well they could have been playing air hockey for all you know.

  • Free Day was just a big Ole' “loading page….” sequence for 2 ½ hours. Which does the opposite of it’s intent… driving me away from Sparkfun and over to the 30+ other competitors.
    Love you guys, but that was lame and poorly executed.
    I had promo launches on 2001 technology that loaded better under stress.

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