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  • Not trying to sound pessimistic, but 5 transducers might be overkill.

    Much of how we perceive auditory spatialization depends on the physical characteristics of the external ear, as well as a time and intensity difference between right and left. With bone conduction, the ability to spatially locate a sound source is vastly decreased, as bone conducts very fast, and intensity differences are much smaller. As an example, underwater hearing is nearly all done by bone conduction (since the water in the external ear canal dampens vibrations of the tympanic membrane), and if you've ever tried to localize a sound source underwater, you know how difficult that can be. The sound just seems to come at you from all directions, almost like coming from within your head.

    I think you would get virtually identical results with just 2 transducers (placed on the mastoid processes - the bony "bump" behind and below your ears) and a big ass sub (cause everyone needs a big sub).

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