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  • I thought I was using the latest library. Hmm , , , How do I tell if I've got the most recent version?

  • Thanks for the response!! Basic use of this driver is awesome, the ability to set the KVALs are great, it also steps so smooth! I'm so close to finishing my project, but I am having some trouble in 2 areas: When using run() there is a need to check ABS_POS for when to stop, but I haven't gotten ABS_POS to work correctly with an Uno (even with the sample file unadulterated) as it restarts the count after 128. I have read about others' problems with this too. Is there a fix? Second, is there a way to use move() with a slower speed than 15.25 steps/sec? It seems the only way to set the speed of move() is with MaxSpeed() and the lower range of that is 15.25 s/sec. There is a MinSpeed() but I haven't figured out if/how that works with move(). Any additional help would be tremendous.

  • The Arduino SPI reference (http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/SPI) doesn't explain if clk phase TRAILING EDGE is a 1 or 0, similarly with the clk polarity (although I assume ACTIVE LOW would be 0?) So, which mode should it be set to? MODE0, MODE1, MODE2, MODE3 (MODE3 is where the dSPIN_support file sets it).

    I have tried all of the them, but none of them fix the ABS_POS values. It still starts over after getting to 128. So, maybe the Mode is a problem, but it's not the only problem!

    On an Arduino Uno, how do I get the ABS_POS value to return a correct value?

  • Maybe you're defaulting to 128 microsteps? Your Stepper motor has 200 steps per revolution, so: 200*128=25600. A call to move 25600 steps would be one revolution while microstepping 128 per step.

  • What's the preferred way to run your stepper with direction, steps, AND speed with this? run(dir, stepsPerSec) move(dir, position) goToPos(dir, position) Using move() works great for moving the correct number of steps, but no speed control except with setMaxSpeed(). Using ABS_POS with run() doesn't seem as robust. Also, I think run() doesn't wait for the Arduino, while the others do.

    On a side note: Direction seems redundant to me. Why not just a positive or negative steps number?

    Any suggestions?

  • RunKVAL(255);    0=doesn't run, 255=high torque 100 for most, 255 for 128 microstepping
    AccKVAL(100);    Higher number for lower setAcc value (not jittery on accelerations)
    DecKVAL(200);    Higher number for lower setDec value (not jittery on decelerations)
    HoldKVAL(255);   255=no hold, 0=almost locked
  • RTFM (palm to forehead) These are values that are working for me on a generic NEMA1.7 stepper the values are from 0 to 255 for each: (see next reply...)

  • Cyrus, I am stumped by the KVAL settings as well (RUN, ACC, DEC, and HOLD). Does anyone know what are the range of values that these settings accept?

  • The layout makes it tricky to use an Uno's SPI pins. Wouldn't it make sense for this board to be a shield if it doesn't comply with the standard Arduino SPI pinout?

  • IMAGE VERY MISLEADING. (Yes, I am yelling.) Please change the product image! I thought I was getting the lot - nope. One. Little. Terminal. Don't get me wrong, it's what I needed, but now I wait another week, plus $10 shipping, to get what I wanted in the first place - four 2-pin terminals. AAAAaaaarrrrrgggggghhhh! #bunchacrap

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