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  • I'd have to go for the GPIO block, simply because it is, wait for it... General Purpose. :-) I think this would give the most flexibility for integrating with all sorts of other systems, which would be my primary use for the Edison. I've got a few Raspberry Pis set up with plenty of use of the GPIO on them, so that's one of the selling points for me.

  • With the Dumpster Dive complete, SparkFun prepares for their new "Scorched Earth" promotion. Some feel marketing may have taken it too far.

  • "Before"

  • Try a standing desk. Your back will thank you for it.

  • I fit the #3 scenario. I got an option to take the quiz, but never saw any of the questions.
    I was so upset, I had to calm myself down by ordering the stuff I was hoping to use the Free Day funds for anyway. :-)
    And while I'm not going to complain about not getting free stuff, I must say the email I received saying "You attempted 0 questions" was a little mean. :-D
    Thanks for supporting your userbase so well!

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