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  • This kit was a great idea for me! Made a custom PCB with lots of SMD chips and components... then figured I'd try this kit first before assembling my board. I've now destroyed 2 components, burned off 2 pads... Good to do this first. Maybe I should stop using lead-free solder...

  • I've been wanting to build my own relay box for my lamp (incorporate an RTC and an IR sensor, etc) but wanted it internally powered... and was trying to figure out a good compact method.
    I eventually found schematics/pictures for old disassembled X10 module/mod directions.
    Still a little big though to put a transformer on a board, maybe I'll try with this instead: here
    Anyone ever do anything like this (on-board power)? I'm really new at electronics so any advice is appreciated.

  • The cynic in me says, "if they're spending so much, why does sparkfun need to give them free stuff?" hehe
    How about giving out free $5 coupons towards a $200 purchase. Sparkfun should give me free stuff for my business advice :)

  • I bought the beginning microcontrollers kit which came with the parallel port programmer, then realized my USB printer adapter wouldn't work and neither of my PCs has a parallel port.
    I then used a transistor and some resistors to convert the parallel adapter into this part (from schematic). It works with the USB serial adapter (Prolific).... Only it works at ~5-10 bytes/sec, meaning a 1.5 kB program takes ~11 minutes to download.
    I got so fed up I just ordered an Atmel AVR ISP2 usb adapter from digikey.

  • I can't make it to Colorado unfortunately. Anyone ever try to automate a real car as an entry? It might not fit through the 3' ring, but it might certainly "crush" the competition! (hopefully not spectators)

  • I made some code and have been polling this with my ARMmite at 1 s intervals (using C, not BASIC). But while at first it seemed to work correctly, now it is returning 0 as the checksum (still giving numbers that seem correct for the Humidity and Temp though).... Odd.

  • Couldn't this work? http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Cat=2360393&k=33213

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