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i am a mechanical engineer in the industrial automation and weighing industry. i tinker and dabble in electronics and programming in my spare time at home.

Spoken Languages

English, some basic essentials in Spanish, and a handful of words in Mandarin

Programming Languages

html, css, some wiring based "C"


B.S.-Engineering Technology from UW-Stout


hunting, fishing, camping, music, live audio production, electronics

  • I am neither prepared nor talented enough to comment on the component or programming aspects of your build (cool project by the way), but have you considered a simple elastic band with hook-and-loop closure for mounting the final build package as a wearable (wristband, armband, or leg-band)? Could make for a pretty cool flight-"watch" or H.U.D. on your forearm and the display should always be easy to read instead of grabbing an holding a lanyard where you could read it.

  • Open-Source Stig seems to have misplaced his fire suit and trademark white helmet. He's got a good line through "Hammerhead", but will this makeshift helmet help him through the "Follow-Through" without lifting?

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