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  • Is it possible to cut the sheet w/out damaging it?

  • Batch #54608.

    Really not trying to bust your chops on this, but I keep getting answers that dance around the fundamental question of "Are these replacements being prioritized?" The original November date certainly didn't indicate that.

    Thanks for clarifying things.

  • Of the ABSOLUTE queue, where do I stand in line? The only appropriate answer is 1213 in line for all orders. Not 1213 of the replacement orders, that's kind of my whole point. The replacements must be prioritized ahead of the other orders, which, pretty much by definition came in later.

  • So you're making batches of these every day, I should have a very early (at this point) priority. So you're telling me it will ship out by Monday?

  • I see a lot of people talking about how well Sparkfun is dealing with this screw up.

    As one of the affected customers, let me review the situation:

    1. The roughly 2000 affected customers paid for delivery sometime in August.
    2. There was a screw up resulting in non-functional product being delivered.
    3. You won't even notify those who received screwed up product until Sept.
    4. You won't be shipping replacement product until early November, 2.5 months late.
    5. Meanwhile, people who paid less and later will be receiving functional product.

    This is NOT an acceptable solution to this problem. Credible Kickstarter performance requires that you stand by your initial agreements, and ship functional product out on time. At a minimum you need to be prioritizing the replacements ahead of people that should be later in the queue.

  • Is this the 100 mil pitch, or 50 mil pitch version of the 6-pin ICSP?

  • Any chance of getting these with male pins to plug directly into a solder less breadboard?

  • Here's a break-out I'm using until SparkFun comes out with theirs.

  • Effective range inside is much shorter. I bought a couple of these to see about using them for remote sensor through out the house, but if I step outside my office and to the side of the door, where line of sight is blocked, there's no reception at all. Neat little toys, but it seems like they'll have limited practical utility.

  • At least here in Austin, Fry's is stocking the OSEPP line of Arduino-like boards. It's not SparkFun and it has a slight mark up ($1-2) but it's good in an emergency, which is all Fry's is really good for any more anyway.

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