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  • Looks like it could be fun. First thought that pops into my mind would be for a hunting light. Use the accelerometer to detect the angle the light is pointed at. Down towards the ground = lower brightness. The further up towards straight ahead that you point it, the brighter it gets.

    That way, when you’re walking in to your treestand early in the morning you can point it towards your feet and have just enough light not to trip on things, but if you lift the light up because you heard something, it gets brighter so you can illuminate most distant objects.

  • Just a heads up for anyone who has purchased these calipers or is looking to purchase them. I don’t know if this will work with these or not, but Hack a Day just posted a great article about how to unlock hidden features of cheap digital calipers that look suspiciously similar to these.
    Apparently by shorting pins in the data port, you can increase the refresh rate and enable min/max/hold features.
    I haven’t had a chance to try this as all of my measuring equipment is Mitutoyo, but I’m guessing most of these cheap calipers' electronics are made in the same plant…worth a try anyway!

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