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  • I have always thought highly of SparkFun but this just raises the bar!

    I commend you and your team on the transparency and total ownership of your lesson. Looking forward to future orders and I'm even interested in learning more about Microview,


  • I received this board just this week. It was satisfying just looking at it. Can't wait to try it - thanks for the enabling!

  • What might I expect for a maximum current from this cable? In my application, I have a peripheral 3.3 volt device that may draw up to 1.2 A but it has a variety of settings. I can limit the current in the device so that I might experiment while source it through this cable.

  • I tried all morning but did not get to the final page - I'm not disappointed though. It was cool to be a part of this and you can look forward to future orders!
    Thanks SparkFun!

  • I outgrew my SX-48 board and went looking for more memory, I/O, and less power. I found the XMega line at AVR and started building my own prototype. Part of the decision to use AVR was the Arduino articles in Nuts & Volts, and the free C compiler. Even better when I found support at SparkFun (tools and forums).
    What surprised me most during my research was the lack of support from chip manufacturer's in terms of forums and compilers. These seemed to be for the privileged. With the information I get from the AVR site, I feel confident with what I'm doing and might even be successful.

  • Wicked cool! A GPS and some sensors for my next weather balloon flight! SparkFun rocks (as always)!

  • When searching for electronics and such for my projects, I was led to many sites including the esteemed SparkFun site. It has been a source of imagination, humor, and darn good stuff. Not once, in my searches did I ever come across a link to someplace that sounds vaguely the same.
    With the transparency demonstrated in your disclosure, SparkFun certainly operates with competent integrity. Keep up the great work!

  • I've had my eye on both gyros and accelerometers for my next project. I planned it out last winter and waiting until this winter made it simpler and smaller. Way to go, Sparkfun!

  • Glad to hear SparkFun keeps growing!
    My appreciation to SparkFun IT as well - I've been there!