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  • tyscott, excellent question. LC, excellent answer.
    I’m sold and have convinced a buddy to take the class…however, as we’re from Portland, OR, (land of plentiful, excellent brew) we’re going to need the name and address of your best brewery.

  • Yes. Increase fiber. :)

  • I have tried both tutorials (, and emailed tech support…no response.

  • I received my LS20031 yesterday and when hooked up it does nothing.
    No fix (led) and outputs nothing.
    Are there any checks I can perform to figure out if the hardware is bad?
    What I’ve checked so far:
    - I don’t measure any voltage across the onboard battery. If the battery if faulty, not just dead, does this device still work? The block diagram is inconclusive.
    - Voltage at the first component “L1” but nothing on the other side of it. Without a schematic, I’m not sure this is a bad thing…

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