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  • I understand some people may have strong emotions on this subject, but there is a lot of research on this subject for those who wish to look it up.

    Here is a report that found that simply negating the risk of Chinese tariffs in 2000 lead to a reduction of US manufacturing jobs and an increase of Chinese offshoring. http://www.freit.org/EIIT/2013/SubmittedPapers/Justin_R_Pierce72.pdf

    This study reports the effects of offshoring, how it increases the gap between high and low skilled labor, and how it drives down the value of domestic low skilled labor. In summation: "low-tech offshoring exposes less qualified workers to international competition with countries where the cost of unskilled labor is comparably lower." (and yes, manufacturing is still considered low-tech, even if it's manufacturing circuit boards) http://www.ipe-berlin.org/fileadmin/downloads/Papers_and_Presentations/IPE_WP_71.pdf

  • It's not good for the top 1% at all, but should theoretically be good for the other 99% of Americans since it will effectively lessen income inequality and give more power to American labor unions.

  • Out of curiosity, has this resulted in you guys considering switching to more American suppliers? Is a 25% cost increase enough to cover the price difference between Chinese and American components?

  • These things aren't too good at detecting blue light, but its worth a shot.

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