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  • While helping someone else to use OpenScale I decided to build a quick prototype of a small weight scale. I create a brief article on it (including code) on the following link for anyone that finds it useful.

  • Thank you for this excellent article. One would hope it would illustrate how isolation or protectionism is not the answer. One would hope that most people in the US had enough education in history to know that all the great empires (Greece, Rome, England, add your favorite one) mostly failed not necessarily because of their armies, but because their economies were unsustainable. Because they stopped adapting and decided to close themselves to the outside. One thing that has maintained US as a world economy is not that it has the smartest, richest, or hard working people; it is that it has known how to intermix those type of people at the right times. It has been able to innovate, evolve, change, but always with the mind of making money.

    Now we are heading straight down the annals of history; right down to join other have-been empires. I guess we are not as educated as we thought; either that or our history teachers failed and our ego is so big that blinds us from following what made America great.

    England here we come, ready to join you as a once-great-empire full of older people and a stagnant economy. Again, great article, and I would hope that true capitalism runs rampant for the next year or two and just swallows these attempts of isolation or protectionism and buries them so deep that they will never ever come out.

  • I love this product. Next to the perpetual motion machine, this is truly revolutionary. Kudos to the SFE team for their continued innovation. These things are just awesome. Can’t wait for the 120V version that will allow me to hookup appliances together.

  • Thank God you decided against using Parylene. I am not sure why you think this is easy to remove or who have you really consulted on this. We normally use acrylic type for most airborne electronics (Humiseal 1B31 LOC) for its ease of rework and low environmental impact (as well as human impact - the people that have to work with it). We only use Parylene where we have to make absolutely sure moisture needs to be completely sealed off (i.e. air pressure sensors, fuel measurement systems, military avionics). I can attest from experience there is no chemical we can use to remove it (we have to sent the coated electronics to a specialized house to do this); so the only other option to remove it is the Xacto knife (and oh how much fun can that be). Seriously, if you want to look at coating take a closer look at acrylic types as they are friendlier in every way. Parylene is awesome for its purpose; but its purpose is certainly not general electronics (think space shuttle, F15/F16, high reliability / high criticality equipment).

  • I haven’t used this particular version before, but I’ve used a similar version and it works ok. A capacitor across VCC-GND did wonders stabilizing readings (1uF - 3.3uF). Not sure how much range you will get without the MAX232 (that was used as a voltage stepper which “rang” the ultrasonic speaker at +12/-12). The PING is significantly more robust, but it is more expensive no doubt.

    Following is some useful information. Hopefully it helps someone.

  • Can the WIZ110SR be used to push data into a website?

  • This is a pretty good writeup. Just today I completed a white paper on why some tantalum caps on an old design were failing short and why the same caps on a newer design were ok. It all boiled down to surge voltages and our protection scheme on the older design being borderline for most cases. The cool thing is that I got to revisit surge voltage, ripple current, and TVS vs MOVs (for protection devices).

    One thing I’ll add, for most space applications we almost use tantalums exclusively (and of course ceramic). But for low ESR and density the tantalums still rule. We won’t touch most electrolytic caps with a ten foot pole. Between the limited life at very high temperatures (if we must, we always select 105C rated or higher), and the very poor operation at very cold temperatures, our design review checklist for aerospace applications includes a check for absence of electrolytics. Now for my home projects that is a different story, the electrolytics are just much more cost effective (if you don’t need the operation at extreme temps).

  • You guys at SFE are just awesome. Wishing you the best. And hoping some of our elected leaders get a clue of what is that they get paid for.

  • I’ve run into a few things while using this, so I am posting this info in case someone runs into the same.

    First let me say that I tried unsuccessfully to upgrade the firmware on mine. I followed all the instructions and yet I turned it into a brick. Sparkfun was great and exchanged it for me (can’t give them enough credit for that). I am sure it was something I missed or did in error, but I do not have the heart to try this again.

    So here are the config of my unit as recived:

    • WIZ100SR/WIZ110SR Ver. 04.01
    • G/W IP ADDRESS :
    • Default Telet Port -> 5000
    • Default Serial Baud -> 57600, 8-N-1

    To get this info, I connected the serial output to the PC and listened on the port during the WIZNET’s power-up. However, as configured from the factory you have no access to the serial port (you can only listen, but not control the device). To gain control of it (e.g. enable the serial port, re-configure, etc), you first set your PC’s ethernet port to something like this:


    You then use the Configuration Utility to connect to the WIZNET and configure it as desired.

    To connect to a uC directly the connections are as follow (this has been alluded to before):

    • J2 -> +5V (output from power supply)
    • J3 -> GND (from power supply)
    • J4 -> TX (TX from WIZNET)
    • J5 -> RX (RX to WIZNET)
  • Just noticed the IC is not available; the BOB is, but the IC by itself is not. Is Sparkfun not planning on carrying the IC anymore?

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