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  • How well do these center?...or another way of saying it, is how well does it repeat center.
    I need it to hold about 10-20 adc digits (unsure of proper language)

  • I just want to make sure, but this will cut off charging once the lipo cell comes to 4.2 volts, correct?

  • ByNico:

    Chip reference is LM2623 with a switching current limit of 1.2 Amps.
    Then, powered by 2 AA cells, theoretical maximum output current is :
    Vin * Ilimit * Efficiency@Vin / Vout =
    (2*1,5) * 1,2 * 0,8 / 5 = 576mA
    With a 3,7v Lipo, it's even better (in theory) :
    3,7 * 1,2 * 0,85 / 5 = 755mA
    But yes, with only one AA cell, you can't get no more than ~280mA
    So what your saying is that on a single cell lipo i'd be safe at running 700 ma

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