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  • I have several of the 4D system LCD's and do like them a lot. However, the advantage I see to using this one is that it is all encompassing. With the 4D system displays' you don't have easy access to all the extra pins that you have here so to do really cool stuff you usually have to add an Arduino to it anyway. I have run both code in native 4D language entirely on the display and run code driven from an Arduino. While it may or may not be more functional (I don't have an arLCD), it takes a bit of work to get the 4D LCD's to run from the Arduino.

    Also, my 2.4" touch screen 4D is resistive and requires a fingernail or stylus to control. From the new products video, that didn't seem to be the case with this display and that is a HUGE andvantage.

  • I won in 2011 and 2012. I was like a kid on Christmas. The funds didn't last long but I was able to justify getting thigs that I might have passed up due to price.

    That being said, I will join those saying that as much as I would like to win again, I would rather see the money go to the tour!

  • A classic case of getting what I paid for. I have some of the premium wires and really like them but large quantities can become expensive so I bought some of these to supplement. I struggled for most a night trying to get an SPI connection to work to no avail. I took a time out to work on a project for my wife's childrens choir and got stuck on one LED forever until I relaized it was the jumper that was bad.

    I have not gone back to check on my SPI project since I used that Arduino for the choir project and it was all taken apart. In hindsite I wish I had used the Arduino that had a known good project connected to it.

    Just a note to help others. Test each one before you use it. I don't have a multimeter at home so I just set up a quick always on LED and try each jumper on that circuit before using. This would have saved me several hours of heartache.

  • Got one of these today.

    Soldering is a bit tricky since the pads are so close together but with a little solder wick, I had it going on the first try. The sample code I used failed to set pin 13 to an output so I thought I was having problems when the led would not change state. Once I fixed that it was perfect. This thing would not survive an industrial environment for long but I was pleasantly surprised at both how quickly I was up and running and the fact that it is reasonably well constructed for $4.

    Happy today with this and the other stuff I got!

  • If you are interested in this display and/or have used 4D displays in the past, you should wander over to their site. They have a new version of their IDE which incorporates a visual aspect to your layout making it at least a little more like the Mac XCode IDE.

    One of the great features of the upcoming Capacitive touch version is that there is a keyboard option with multiple versions including a full qwerty keyboard pre-programmed and ready to go. The only drawback is that you must use the GFX version of the firmware since the new features are not supported by SGC yet. I cannot wait!

  • I used mine the very next day! And now my wife's dog has chewed my RFID ID-12 reader. While I am sad I had to put the dog down, I am at least glad I got it for free day.

    I didn't really kill the dog, just moved her forcefully out of the way and banned her from the mother-in-law apartment turned nerd cave. She actually made it a point to grab two separate breadboards loaded with components and my UNO from the top of my workbench. This also included a $30 4D display but I caught her before she did any more damage. My wife says she did it so I would stop playing with my toys and pet her instead.

  • Do you have an itinerary yet?

    I get DC but where else are you going to be. We can't buy ahead if we don't know where you will be.

    I live about 2 hours north of the ATL which I would think would be a good location for a class or two or three or...

  • I do agree with the timing. Since I work 3rd shift I was not affected but the bulk of people that work were really screwed unless they were able to do it at work. I feel for the them and think they got the shortest end of the whole stick.

  • You people are so missing the point. Of course there will be some first time users that are rewarded but pretend for a moment that you owned SFE. What is one way to get new customers? Give stuff away. So yeah, I'm sure that some of the winners were first time log ins. So what, from SFE standpoint they have just potentially snagged another long time customer. A lot of the long time customers already buy their stuff from places like Mouser and Digikey and only pop in here to see the Friday vid or do some research since SFE puts most of their schematics up for free.

    For newbies to the electronics world, SparkFun's slightly overpriced components are worth it since they have the support and other pieces that make it so much easier to get into this as a hobby or otherwise. Without SFE many of you would not have been able to migrate to other sites because you simply wouldn't know what to buy.

    Suck it up and move on.

  • I work 3rd shift. So I still work but I was able to participate so your comment is a bit asinine implying that only layabouts won. We will never know who are the winners and losers based on purchasing power but somehow you and others think that putting our name in a hat would have yielded better results. Had they done it that way you would all be bitching that only the people that created accounts today won and all the breadwinners like you got shafted by a broken system.

    You can please some of the people all of the time etc...

    Suck it up and move on.

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