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  • I find the name "Sun" a bit confusing. I think NASA and all those space science textbook authors from several decades ago should sue "Sun" so that school children, scientists, and science enthusiasts no longer have to struggle with the confusion caused by this. Google's filter does pretty well to keep them separated with additional keywords, but if you just search "Sun" you get a jumbled mix of results. Sol has been around longer, so it's clearly an infringement of identity.
    This sarcastic message is brought to you by an IT guy who has worked many long nights supporting hardware from Sun Microsystems. I pray I never have to touch one again.
    ** And definitely stay away from the sparc.org site, as it IS INFECTED with a malware script, and has been since at least July 31, 2009. These are clearly ridiculous business practices from an outdated/unused/unmaintained site and I am appalled that they should even be attempting to exert this kind of abuse. If they can't even keep their own website clean, how do they expect to provide secure services and systems for their customers? Bah!

  • The serial output is inverted TTL on the Maxbotix sensors. The datasheet for this model is no different. It states that you still need a level-shifter if you need RS232 levels.

  • The datasheet link above doesn't seem to get me to the datasheet when clicking directly (goes to some hosting site), but copying the link to my browser's URL bar does. Anyone else seeing the same?

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