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  • Does anyone know the focal length? ie how close can I put an object to the sensor?

  • lux is a measure of intensity that is weighted against the human eye's sensitivity. So unless you make some assumptions about the color of light or use a spectrophotometer you can't measure lux. OTOH if you read the datasheet you can see that irradiance is approximately 1uW/cm^2 per khz

  • I think you misunderstand what this device does. It is a light /intensity/ sensor. it does not measure the peak frequency of received light.

    This device measures light intensity and outputs a square wave whose frequency is directly proportional to light intensity.

    This device has two impressive properties that may make it useful for any particular project. One is its huge dynamic range the other is its extremely good sensitivity if you integrate long enough it can rival the sensitivity of an expensive photodiode.

  • I was wondering, why is the UV lockout way down at 2.6v? Assuming you're not discharging super fast (>1C I'd consider fast for an electronics project unless your lipo was TINY) a higher threashold of say 3.1v would seem to be a lot safer and still use >99% of capacity.

  • this is a bit expensive? The chip is only $12 in qty 1 and $6 if you buy 1000. I get SF has to make money but I see this being a $25 board not $50.

    Also, the datasheet link needs to be updated. it doesn't have the register map, which makes this part quite hard to use.

  • What is the maximum recommended current?

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