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  • Hey Nick, have you lost weight? Both outfits looks good, nice dress Dia.

  • Haven't you seen the movie 'The 5 year engagement'?

  • You can't be sure of a response by posting a comment here. If you really want some action, then I'd suggest sending your comments to customer service and include a copy to Nate. It may just have been a nube in packing, but if that was the case then they should be trained much better.

  • Hey thanks for the info guys. Is there one of these that is text capable? Anybody know where Nick got his T-Shirt he's wearing in the vid?

  • Does this buffer the data itself or do you have to keep refreshing? Does it have a text mode, so you can just throw text at it, or do you have to use something like an Arduino library for it to make text (I wouldn't be using Arduino in my application)?

  • Yeah, but does it come with sand or is that extra? How about a bucket and spade?

  • Note that it won't actually be strictly 'Open Circuit', even with one in each phase. There will still be a very slight leakage through the Snubber circuit, so never touch the wires with it connected, even if the relay is 'off', always make sure it's unplugged before working on it.

  • So where's the data sheet for the dog?

  • Unfortunately I don't find that many flat screen TV's with HDMI lying around, unlike VGA monitors. I meant that VGA monitors are often lying around and easily available for free (both LCD and CRT), whereas HDMI, although very common, are usually not lying around unused and are not generally given away free, unlike VGA monitors.

  • Pity it doesn't have a VGA output. Most of us have VGA monitors around the place or can find one easily, but I don't have any HDMI monitors, nor do I know of anyone with a HDMI monitor laying about. Sure HDMI isn't uncommon on new monitors, but VGA monitors are all over the place and you probably don't need to go and buy one specially.

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