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  • Just tested the threaded holes on the ones I received today. I was able to fit both an M3 and a 4-40. But, the M3 was a little more snug, and being that the data sheet is in metric, I'd probably guess that they were tapped as M3's.

  • I noticed you were running around barefoot in that video, Rob. That pretty common for you guys there? Talk about relaxing work dress code :)

  • In the paragraph following "In Summary...", sentence 2 reads "getting out feet wet". I think its supposed to be "our". :)

  • How does the remaining 1% pronounce it? :p

  • Glad to see SF is selling these. They are really nice for holding a wide array of small electronics parts. Another nice feature is rounded bottom corners of the trays. It makes it really easy to pick out small objects from each partition because all thats needed is sliding the object up the rounded section. This box does a pretty good job of staying closed under lots of movement, and keeping small parts in their own partition.
    The price is also very reasonable as well. You will pay this same amount at any hardware supply store, if not more.
    Great addition guys! Would definitely recommend these.

  • For anyone who is curious about the current status of the reactor and the region, Nuclear Energy Institute provides a fast updating news source with lots of information.

  • For the AQT15SP the datasheet specifies "Resistance Coil: 4.75K Ohm +/- .25K (25C)" on page 3. I think that's the value you're looking for?

  • If I were to get the pocket protector, i'd force myself to buy more shirts with pockets just to show off how snazzy it is.

  • I don't think they can... at least not for continuous use. The datasheet specifies a power rating of 0.05 W.

  • Managed to get 3 done in 2 hours haha. Thanks for a awesome Free Day Sparkfun! :)