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  • The first two sentences talk about uploading your own code, which would make me think that was the expected / primary way to use it.

    You're right that nearly all devices like this can have new firmware uploaded. The fact that you highlight that feature first would lead me to believe that it was more practical on this module compared with other ones. Personally, I usually shy away from writing my own firmware because of $$$ or tedious to configure toolchains.

    Generally, I expect the SparkFun descriptions to describe what a moderately competent person can do with a device with normal effort. I go to the data sheets to read about what I might be able to do if I feel up to being ambitious. This one is the opposite. The description starts by telling me what hard, complicated stuff I might do, but if I read the data sheet I learn that I can just wire it up to an arduino and start having fun.

  • Wait, USB HID done directly on an Atmega328? Am I missing something? Why doesn't this get used instead of an FTDI chip normally?