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  • How much current do the ultra-brights use? Typically they're ~20 mA. I just built a mini-keychain flashlight using this battery, one 265,000mcd led (from electronic goldmine) and Sparkfun's LiPo Charger Basic. I used a momentary switch to cut down usage and heat. It will be noticeably dimmer after a dozen or so 20-30 second bursts. The light in theory should continuously discharge for about an hour. In parallel the same LEDs would use double the current and shorten the battery life before charges. If you're going with two LEDs why not step up to the 110mAh battery? I'm going to for my next flashlight. But then I plan on using a bigger LED too!

  • I came here to say this because I can't go there to join that.

  • I'm 100% behind this statement. The personal touch is great in a feel-good comedy kind of way but the Lampoon poster is the stuff legends are made of (though there could have been at least one explosion somewhere - to signify Free Day and all). Awesome jorb both times!

  • The mini-CT connector can be found at digi-key under the Tyco part number 2058078-1. http://search.digikey.com/scripts/dksearch/dksus.dll?PName?Name=A100192-ND

  • Or tie a thread to the throwy.

  • It was fun and I made away with $10 in credit I didn't have before. Thanks Sparkfun! I'm marking my calendar for next year.

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