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  • This board appears close-up in the Arrow episode "Second Chances" (season 5 episode 11) at about 29 minutes in. :-) Rotate your head about 150° for a clear view of the "".

  • Looks like it's called the ATmega328PB:

  • I was able to flatten these (one at a time) by heating them up on the bed of a a 3D printer (a TAZ 3), then using the edge of a table to apply pressure against the warp (overshooting flat a bit and letting them spring back), and finally setting gallon jugs of liquid on top as they cooled.

  • I accidentally discovered that these pots can give off a pleasant orange glow from near the center. I had accidentally put 5V across the center pin & one other pin, and then turned the knob all the way to one end. (In future I will stick to LEDs for my lighting needs, because they smell better when lit.)

  • I bought two of these. I'd like to see a much shorter version that also includes the iPhone 5 "Lightning" connector.

  • Approximately, from the dimensions & the density of aluminum, it should be a bit under 200 grams, or under 7 ounces.

    Surface area = 2(120mm x 95mm + 120mm x 35mm + 95mm x 35mm) = 37,850 sq mm. Times 2mm thick = 75.7cc. Finally, times 2.7g/cc = 204g. -- But that counts all the 2mm x 2mm "edges" twice...accounting for that, the estimate is about 5% high.

    If someone weighs one, I'm curious to know the real answer.

  • I was hoping these would snap into breadboards. The spacing is right, but the pins are just a little bit too short.

    "Proto-boards" in the description means through-hole.

  • Yes, it looks like the 0.9" means between the two rows. On a typical breadboard, it should straddle the 0.3" channel and still leave 1 of the 5 holes uncovered for each pin.

  • The Quickstart Guide link is 404.

  • Aha, thanks, I get it now...I was never going to figure it out while thinking that C stands for coulombs here. Reading about C-rate helped.

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