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  • Guys,
    - There is no free money. There was never any free money. There will never be free money.
    This was a DISCOUNT applied to purchases. And this discount can be weighed against the expected yearly purchases of a customer.
    Please consider wrapping your head around this, if you’ve never worked in sales.
    - Anybody here who has or has had a full time job, realizes that $100 is nothing. Come and go, ok? That’s the cost of a parking ticket, here in NYC. Over a year’s worth of purchases for the hobbyist, it also reduced pretty quickly.
    - I was interested by this (gimmick) that seemed to be related to some sort of educational merit-based game, and had some mission-based elements (of getting novices involved). It made me smile that these guys wanted you to learn something in order to get the doggie treat.
    What was not made clear is that this was just going to be a ‘hit the refresh’ button game. I thought tech-savvy organizations had heard of Akamai.
    There’s a very slim margin on electrical components. There’s no newsflash there. The only ‘added value’ a company can offer is building a crowd-sourced community, and offering better customer service. If this was fun for you, great, but I’m not in college anymore, and my time is actually better spent elsewhere.
    6 months ago, I decided to build my own computer, and I knew nothing. Since then, I have poured hundreds and hundreds of dollars into NewEgg because they are a “Go-To” source. I don’t “like them” or “dislike them”. I just go there because I can be done in 5 minutes and not have to deal with BS. I need something? Bam, done. Not a second thought. They run promotions too, and what I expect is what I receive.
    Now, I’m getting into hardware. And I’m looking for a non-BS experience. Not a free ride. Not MP3’s. Not Zero-day Warez.
    I’ve been researching Arduino’s as an entry point to interfacing my software with the physical world. And this little game caught my interest, and got me to register here, etc.
    All I’m saying is, this doesn’t seem to be the place for me.
    I’m not writing this to get into a uric acid excretion contest in order to prove my point to what may very well be an adolescent crowd (or adolescent in sentiment and expression, at least) But more for the organizers to read, and to let other people know what to expect.
    Adafruit is where I just bought my kit.

  • Nope. Nobody forced me.
    That’s why I said shame on me. Did you read my post?
    I didn’t slag on SF, I’m slagging on myself for devaluing my own time.

  • Yup. I have some time, and I’m buying some kits to begin experimenting with Arduino’s. I starting researching this week.

  • Lost customer here.

    Complaining for not getting something for free feels a little foolish and greedy.
    But as a promo, I thought, what the heck.
    But shame on me for wasting my time with this silly game. I’ll stick to companies that aren’t ‘luring’ me by appealing to my idiotic side.
    I was going to buy your inventors kit, but I’ll take my money to MakerShed, Digikey, and Mouser.
    Funny thing is, I was set to buy all this stuff a few days ago, before I knew what freeday was, or even what SparkFun was, and waited to see if I could get a discount.
    My time is definitely worth more than this.
    Shame on me for falling into a silly trap!
    If anybody else is interested:
    See ya; it’s been real!

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