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I’m a nerd… well a nerd with no interest in all that weird roll playing, D&D, LARP, Wizards, etc(well maybe a vague curiosity, certainly hold no ill-will toward those folks).. Loves me some Star Wars though. I’m a network admin at work and a electronic engineering hobbyist at home. Oh, and I’m a cyclist also. That’s not some vague/clever technology reference or anything, I’m talking about bike riding. I like to ride my bike. Road/mountain. I love beer too… and Scotch… BIG wine fan… I have an RV also that I like to drive around. It’s fun. I kinda nerded it up a little. It’s pretty cool, I’m totally married so it’s not creepy or anything. I think I’m rambling so I’ll wrap things up here. EVO (edit:was) the best phone EVER!!! The End.


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VHDL(a little). Arduino. I’ve passed C++ and Java classes, but couldn’t write a line of code if my life depended on it. Working on Python




Coming up with ideas and not following through.


Electronics Cycling RVing Camping Hiking 4-wheeling in my Rover Food/Wine/Beer

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  • The mouth/eye control wire came loose.

  • OH! I’ll have to see if I’m seeing the same thing.

  • Not sure what you mean exactly, but I do subscribe to the RSS feed. I have it posted on my webpage: It’s all mixed in there on the right side with the other company (that starts with an A and ends in dafruit), Woot, Thinkgeek and various other sources of nerdy goodness.

  • Totally got one of the dumpster dive boxes. I was at work, shhhh… Came back from lunch, and kept refreshing the page and watching the clock. As soon as I saw it was available, bang, in the cart it went. click, click, paypal, click click. Done! My order time was something like 2m:34s, by the time I got back to the page it was sold out. Cah-RAY-Zeee fast. Then I get the confirmation email. Uh oh. UH OH! Shipping/Billing were wrong… Crap. Popped into the order system, paused the order, sent a note “I’m a jackass, here’s the correct address”. Couple minutes later I get a follow up, “Yes you are, but we fixed it. Enjoy.” So that was cool. Thanks Sparkfun! Hopefully nothing in the box is going to be temperature sensitive. I’m speaking at a conference this week, so the box will be sitting outside in sub-zero temps for a few days till I get back. Really hoping to get a ton of SMD parts so I can have something to ruin in my toaster oven.

  • I’m having a similar problem. I can’t get the green to turn on at all. Red and Blue work fine. Hooking up my o-scope I notice that the green lead reflects the sum of the duty cycles on the red and blue leads but at half the voltage. If I unplug the green lead the blue and red won’t light at all. Hmm.. I’m pretty sure I’m just being a moron and not reading something right, but it seems pretty straight forward.

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