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I'm a nerd... well a nerd with no interest in all that weird roll playing, D&D, LARP, Wizards, etc(well maybe a vague curiosity, certainly hold no ill-will toward those folks).. Loves me some Star Wars though. I'm a datacenter architect at work and a electronic engineering hobbyist at home. Oh, and I'm a cyclist also. That's not some vague/clever technology reference or anything, I'm talking about bike riding. I like to ride my bike. Road/mountain. I love beer too... and Scotch... BIG wine fan... I have an RV also that I like to drive around. It's fun. I kinda nerded it up a little. It's pretty cool, I'm totally married so it's not creepy or anything. I think I'm rambling so I'll wrap things up here.


http://www.BrianHolmesCompany.com http://www.Dagobah-system.com

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VHDL(a little). Arduino. I've passed C++ and Java classes, but couldn't write a line of code if my life depended on it. Working on Python




Coming up with ideas and not following through.


Electronics Cycling RVing Camping Hiking 4-wheeling in my Rover Food/Wine/Beer


http://www.dagobah-system.com http://www.BrianHolmesCompany.com ..and a bunch of other ones that are irrelevant.

  • The corrosion problem really is a thing. Not only does it kill your sensors in a pretty short time, but in my home garden the resulting electrolysis (I think that's what it's called) resulted in soil that was toxic to my plants. Nothing grew in the containers that I had the sensors in. The containers without sensors grew great. As has been suggested by the datasheet and other people on here, not constantly powering the sensor was critical for my success. My system was Arduino based, so all I did was power the sensor through a transistor that I enabled with a digital IO pin from my Arduino. The function that read that sensor powered the sensor on, read the value and then powered it back off. I think the sensor was powered on for less than 20mS over the course of an hour.

    I'm not really that smart, and haven't played with RTCs yet (although I keep buying them...they look great in my part bin!) so I simply incremented a counter at the beginning of the MSensorRead() function. When that counter hit 50,000 (I think it was) I read the sensor, and ignored it the rest of the time.

    Quick video I did showing the sensor reading/displaying: http://www.dagobah-system.com/node/31 watch closely next to the moisture reading value.

  • The mouth/eye control wire came loose.

  • OH! I'll have to see if I'm seeing the same thing.

  • Not sure what you mean exactly, but I do subscribe to the RSS feed. I have it posted on my webpage: http://www.dagobah-system.com It's all mixed in there on the right side with the other company (that starts with an A and ends in dafruit), Woot, Thinkgeek and various other sources of nerdy goodness.

  • Totally got one of the dumpster dive boxes. I was at work, shhhh... Came back from lunch, and kept refreshing the page and watching the clock. As soon as I saw it was available, bang, in the cart it went. click, click, paypal, click click. Done! My order time was something like 2m:34s, by the time I got back to the page it was sold out. Cah-RAY-Zeee fast. Then I get the confirmation email. Uh oh. UH OH! Shipping/Billing were wrong... Crap. Popped into the order system, paused the order, sent a note "I'm a jackass, here's the correct address". Couple minutes later I get a follow up, "Yes you are, but we fixed it. Enjoy." So that was cool. Thanks Sparkfun! Hopefully nothing in the box is going to be temperature sensitive. I'm speaking at a conference this week, so the box will be sitting outside in sub-zero temps for a few days till I get back. Really hoping to get a ton of SMD parts so I can have something to ruin in my toaster oven.

  • I'm having a similar problem. I can't get the green to turn on at all. Red and Blue work fine. Hooking up my o-scope I notice that the green lead reflects the sum of the duty cycles on the red and blue leads but at half the voltage. If I unplug the green lead the blue and red won't light at all. Hmm.. I'm pretty sure I'm just being a moron and not reading something right, but it seems pretty straight forward.

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