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  • Looks like a cheaper knock-off of the Sensirion SHT21. I2C address and register addresses are the same, so you should be able to use existing code then…

  • $30 go to germany :)

  • As someone developing eCommerce software for a living, I find unfortunate that Sparkfun was not able to handle the server load again. Doing this the first time and fail is OK, but when you do it the second time one should be really prepared.
    A quick calculation: 150,000$ means (as worst case) 15,000 correct answered questions, so lets say we need to show 30,000 questions. You need 30,000 logins (if everybody sees only a single answer - we’re talking worst case here). This means we need to show 30,000 times 4 pages (home, login, question, answer). 120k pages in 2 hours means 1000 pages per minute or 16 pages per second. Even with a safety factor of 10 (which means they would have 150 thousand people trying to get into the quiz) we have 160 pages per second.
    On Twitter, it was mentioned that traffic is normally 11MBits and was 70MBits during free day. We have customers who would see this as a low traffic day. And no, they are not Google or the like - there is no magic involved :) It’s mainly rough-less testing and knowing which switches to use.
    That said, I was looking forward to an entertaining quiz this afternoon (in germany it was 5pm). My only real concern was answering the questions fast enough. But after the start is was frustrating not getting through to questions (took me one and a half hour).
    But I got 30$ out of this, and I’m thankful to Sparkfun for that. They gave me a nice new toy to play with :)
    For next year, maybe SFE will get it right - and then everybody will complain that the quiz is over after 5 minutes…

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