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  • This product can, and it works, and someone on the forums has gotten it to work:

    It's identical to this post. However, I managed to brick my RN-XV while doing this, so I would advise against it.

  • They took about a week to get me an RMA number. I just mailed it a few days ago, so I haven't gotten it back yet (also shipping from Canada, which never helps)

  • Yes, I contacted Roving Networks directly, and they're replacing it, they said it was definitely bricked.

  • I think I might've bricked mine...

    I tried to use the Arduino bootloader over wifi, (avrdude supports TCP, apparently), and the programming did not complete (it says the AVR was initialized, but then stopped). Now, all I get is a solid red LED on the RN-XV, and WPS-APP V1.231 on serial. After looking at the manual, it does not specify what this means. I cannot get into configuration over serial, and it never connects to wifi. I tried enabling WPS on my router, but nothing happened, it never tried to connect.

    Anyone know how to fix the RN-XV?

  • Yes, it does work with AVR studio HEX files.

  • Hello, and thanks for the well-written tutorial!
    I am, however, unable to load code. When Screamer starts to load, the retry counter endlessly goes up, with no code words loaded. I can see that data is going in, and out of both Xbees.
    Any suggestions as to what the problem is?
    EDIT: It does load about 1024 code words, but after about 3000 retrys.
    EDIT2: When finished, it did not program flash!

  • Is there any reason why, with a 4.7v lipo (Measured with 2 multimeters), this should output only 4.1v (Again, measured with 2 multimeters)? Does anyone have a solution?

  • Does anyone know if this will work with I am looking to add an antenna to an XBee through that cable.