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  • I see it works with Ubuntu. Any word on Android compatibility?

  • Hmmm. To make a 320x240 (QVGA) display out of these things would cost $36,249.60.

  • This is not a patent. It is a trademark. Kind of like a logo. So yellow on gray is their trademark. You had better file trademarks on all color combinations and then sue anybody who makes anything similar.

  • Shady? Nope. It says "Spakfun" right on the front. Does not say "Fluke" anywhere. It is gray with a yellow case -- that is the only similarity. Yellow makes it easy to find when you put it down. Gray is a dark color where light-colored text will show up well, and there is not a huge contrast between the gray and the background of the LCD -- all logical.

    Now, Agilent uses orange. Since we appear to be working in ROYGBIV colors, this apparently limits the total number of manufacturers that can make meters.AFAIK, all of the other colors except maybe purple are taken.

  • Agilent (formerly HP) is still separate (although Agilent is going to be split -- electronics test is going to be called KeySight). I can vouch that Agilent makes great stuff! The fact that I am currently working for Agilent does not change my opinion at all ;-)

  • For me, I remember when I was in my early years of high school, I got an assembler and a fancy machine language book for my Commodore 64. I tried writing a couple of simple programs, but I could not get my head around the idea that the computer was stopped, just waiting for me to type in my assembly language instruction. I mean, the keyboard was still working, the video was still displaying something. How could it be stopped and yet still function? I guess that I did not understand the concept of how interrupts worked at the time. The other thing that confused me was how the heck could you code a program when your conditional branches were limited to a maximum jump of 128 bytes away. It honestly never occurred to me that you could conditional branch OVER a longer 16-bit unconditional branch. Duh!

  • Ummm.. You COULD put a real can opener on the end instead of your logo. That would also work as a bottle opener, and you could still make the rounded edge of the can opener a serrated knife. This is cool, but having it be a can opener too would be far cooler.

  • It would also be nice if there was an NC option (normally closed, apply control voltage to interrupt power). It would require the high-voltage side to have a three-terminal block, and one extra trace.

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