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  • Yes, the PSoC combines an ARM processor, a programmable/configurable Analog front end, some programmable logic (more like a PLD than a full blown FPGA), as well as a programmable 8-bit datapath. The native development environment includes has Verilog synthesizer buried in it, if you really need it, but most of the time, you are expected to simply instantiate a soft block from their list of existing blocks that combines PLD , datapath and analog resources.

    In any case, the Arduino part simply sounds like they ported the Arduino libraries to the board. The Arduino environment already supports an ARM processor.

  • Here is a tip regarding those pliers.
    when I got mine and I was hugely disappointed. The two metal plates that are supposed to act as springs simply did not work. I was about to write to sparkfun support when after 10-20 attempts to close and open the pliers, they started working.
    Apparently the lubrication hardened a bit and it needed some friction to get loose again. The pliers now work correctly and open again after I release the pressure from the handles

  • I would like to suggest another improvement: If the order value is less than $75, but the shipping would increase it above $75, then cap the total payment at $75. This is a Win-Win situation:
    In the current rules, a customer wants to order $74 worth of items, but the shipping is $10.
    Customer adds a $2 item. Result:

    1. SF just got $76 for $76 worth of items instead of $84 for $74 worth of items.
    2. Customer just paid $76 instead of $75 and maybe got a $2 item he didn't really want.
    3. Customer just wasted 15 frustrating minutes just to decide which $2 item is the least useless for him.
    4. Customer's international order just passed the $75 mark, triggering VAT payment when he gets it (Israel VAT threshold on packages is $75 :-( ).

    Under the new suggestion:
    Customer places $74 item in the cart.
    Shipping cost is usually $10, but the total cost will be capped to $75.
    Custom declaration form on box will be $74.

  • +2
    Looking at the comments I now realize how lucky I am to even get $10

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