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  • Can I just connect a battery to the VIN on this shield? Will it automatically power the motors? Will this interfere with the VIN on USB power on the Arduino?

  • Does anyone know where I can get a laser cutter cheap for little projects like the EPIC? I used to have access to an Epilog Legend 45watt, but those are way too expensive for tinkering around. I think anything would be possible with a laser cutter, microrax, and a maker bot.

  • Dude, do you ever wonder why you normally see common themed ads when you browse the web?
    google is graphing the web with ga. They give web developers awesome analytical tools in return for putting their tracking code on sites. In return, they harvest this information to map (or more directly) graph the web.
    Although they do not try to figure out who you are, they do target ads to you by your browsing patterns.
    Do this as a test!!!
    Go to www.3dcart.com, and spend a little time there. Google will pick up on this. You'll notice later as you browse the web, you'll see a bunch of 3dcart banner ads.
    After about a week or so, go to bodyfortress.com, and spend a little time there. Again, later as you browse the web, you'll notice you'll see a bunch of body fortress banner ads on the web.
    If you just go to these sites and immediately leave, this will be counted as a bounce. In this case google knows you're not interested in that site and not really target you with those ads. But if you browse around, they will.
    Although they are not directly targeting YOU, they are targetting your browser.
    BTW, i am in no affiliation with google, 3dcart or bodyfortress except I have used their products in the past and noticed that this was happening

  • Retail packaging is not for you, it's for the dealers that hang them on pegs at their store. Sparkfun is a distributor.

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