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  • These seem to be the usual cheap (chinese?) calipers - the on/off button on these just blanks the screen. I have checked this with an ammeter. (9.7uA when on in mm mode/10uA when on in inches mode/9.0uA when off all at a Vbat of 1.34V)
    I can also confirm that these calipers are not compatible with the “hidden” extra modes - connecting any pins on the connector at the top doesn’t do anything (apart from 1 and 4 which shorts out the battery).
    However they seem to be very accurate - at least in mm mode - checked against a pair of (borrowed) calibrated dial calipers and they seem to be perfect to 0.01 of a mm.
    That said they are a welcome addition to my tool kit and I can now return my mates calipers to him…

  • First things first: Thank you Sparkfun for 60$/£37.
    Second - Yes, I’m a new customer. This did make me feel kinda bad, but it was the only place I knew of I could get Nokia 3310 type LCDs on a breakout board (got one from an old phone for a project but needed more), and as a college student I wouldn’t usually think of ordering from overseas (I’m in England) due to outrageous shipping costs. However the shipping costs were reasonable($19/£11), so I will definitely be ordering from you next time I need oddball/hard-to-find parts.
    Also - anyone got any name suggestions for a PIC based handheld gaming console?

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