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  • I would love a version of this that works with mbed tools/workflow.

  • Is it 6600mAh at the 5V output (33 watt-hours) or is that the total capacity of the 3.7V batteries (which would be more like 25 Wh)?

  • A device can draw up to 1A if it detects that its connected to a charger-only port by sensing that D+ and D- are shorted together. It's standard and is how USB chargers for burlier gadgets work. A device connected to a computer port should not draw more than 500mA. Unfortunately some devices need even more than 1A, notably iPads, and Apple has its own proprietary sensing system which a few people have reverse engineered to supply even more current. It would be helpful to know if this device was properly sensed by an iPad.

  • Does the flux have to be washed off a board like the old Kester organic flux solder (which corrodes if you don't wash it)? Or can you use it for everything, washable and non-washable parts alike?

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