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  • Precision pick up of SM parts? I suppose so...
    Aw, who are you kidding? These are gonna be used for hard to reach nose hairs.
    That being said, I want one. :)

  • If you put the overlay down first, there wouldn't be anything underneath it. Except the breadboard. An image of which is shown on the overlay.

  • Anyone who is cursing at Sparkfun for slow servers on Free Day has totally missed the point. In the interest of improving customer experience on every other day of the year, they wanted their servers slammed on this one day. Incentivized by the lure of free merch, we were all happy to oblige. I'm sure that many of us even took a twisted pleasure from torturing their servers. :) If you think that the difficulties that you encountered on Free Day are in any way indicative of the quality of Sparkfun website or products, then all I can say is get some perspective, and stop being greedy.

  • 2 hours of F5 later, I netted $40 in cool geek swag. Thanks Sparkfun!

  • Anybody else get "Something Broke" on login? Yay server load!