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  • Would someone check this math?: Motor Speed = 65rpm No Load. So lets estimate 60rpm with some light load. Wheel diameter = 52mm. Lets say 54 with the tread added. (so radius = 27mm)

    So using the formula for tangential velocity given the period (1s), and radius, I find the speed of the chassis would be about 0.170m/s or 0.380mi/h.

  • this looks pretty awesome! but I just got the chassis by itself a few weeks ago :/

  • To anyone having problems with these "jumping around" or "jittering", I have found that they work best with their own (isolated) power supply. As in NOT using any power from an Arduino or other microcontroller board. Also when doing this, make sure they are connected to the same common/ground.

  • UNO R3 Uses the Standard B.You might be thinking of the Leonardo? But that uses Micro.

  • For about $2 more, you could just buy the actual PS2 controller which would have two of these, a board to mount them on, and a rumble motor. :) https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10330

  • Actually, these are pretty exciting.

  • BY THE WAY. Here's the Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/54582043


  • When I used to work at Staples, once in a while I would get a customer that would express such great frustration that every store he'd been to didn't seem to carry the cable he needed - USB-A to USB-A. I would simply say "for the average user, if you're looking for a cable like that, you're doing something wrong." When I asked, they are usually up to something like attempting to connect their laptop to the USB Host on their Router.

    This guide would be great to have posted in the tech sections of places like Best Buy or Staples, so many confused customers and some that can't even see (visually) the difference between Micro and Mini. Of course with that said, there are info boards posted in stores already but no one ever looks at them and always asks for help anyway.

  • Why advertise the boxes when you just demonstrated that your beard offers a much better storage solution?

  • Yesssss!! Now there's actually a reason to shop cyber monday.