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  • For anyone who's wondering, the chipset used is the RTL8188 (source)

  • It seems to me that a really easy way to detect spam would be to hash all comments, so that you could easily detect if a comment had been posted before. If the no. of instances of a comment exceeds a certain threshold, flag all instances (both past and future) as spam.

    Combined with traditional approaches (and maybe some human oversight for the more borderline cases), this could be really effective.

    • a dice (balance issues, not to mention that everyone would assume it was biased anyway, because why else would you print a dice?)
    • an axe
    • a parrot (she's only resting)
    • a banana (for scale)
    • a screw
    • a nuclear reactor
  • These work quite well, except for two issues: - the probes are about 1.2mm thick at the tip, which makes testing 0603 parts a bit clumsy. They can be easily unscrewed if you want to file them down, but this may affect the accuracy (there doesn't appear to be a way to calibrate it) - the lower bounds on the ranges (300Ω, 3 nF) are somewhat limiting. Caps in the pF range are often used with crystals, and having them measure in the nFs is quite confusing. This is definitely a case of PEBKAC, but having the minimum ranges printed on the case would make things a bit easier.

    Conclusion: they do exactly what the spec says, but you're probably better off just getting some tweezer probes for a good multimeter.

  • I just bought the Logic 8 - it's a beautiful piece of tech, although you do have to use their software instead of Sigrok/Pulseview. I suggest anyone who wants one look around though, since you can find Saleae's logic analysers for less than RRP in some places (I know I saw one that was 25% less somewhere).

  • As for the spam problem, I suggest allowing reviews from users not known to have purchased the product where their account is greater than a certain age (e.g. 3 months) and they have past purchases (whose amount exceeds some threshold. e.g. $50). This makes it impractical for spammers to create accounts, and the criteria essentially corresponds to long-time customers.

  • It's not from FTDI, it's a joke.

    I'm not much of a FOSS purist myself, but it's times like these that really drive home the importance of open source. There's not way in hell code like that will ever get checked into the kernel tree. On a related note, fixing the bricked chips under Linux is significantly easier, since you don't have to workaround Windows' restriction on signed drivers; you just switch to root.

    What I'm really interested in is if anyone is going to mount a class action suit against FTDI, since they intentionally damaged the users' property. EULAs don't apply if the drivers are automatically installed, and they can't override statutory provisions (e.g. the EULA would provide them with zero defence in Australia). What would be really interesting though is if someone sued Microsoft for negligence though - that could have some interesting side-effects... (hell, even the bad PR could cause them to lean on FTDI).

  • "A fair number of people seem to use the browser that came with their computer operating system: Internet Explorer on Windows, Safari on Macs and other iOS devices, Firefox on Linux"

    The default browser on Linux varies with the distro. For example, on Sabayon it's Chromium.

  • Alternative solution: RaspberryPi + $4 webcam + OpenCV I'm all for Arduinos, but sometimes it's worth moving to a more powerful platform.

  • In a nutshell, the product I received was quite clearly not the product advertised.


    -a solid, unbroken power bus

    -a yellow post instead of a green one

    -no labels, and a much lower build quality overall.

    Of these, the unbroken power bus is the most significant since it limits the use of the breadboard. The overall quality is quite craptacular - the sort of thing you'd expect to find in a $2 store (and priced accordingly).


    http://i45.tinypic.com/ix81mx.jpg (sticky removed to show power bus)




    After emailing Sparkfun, they gave me a refund. Say what you will about the breadboard, their customer support is excellent.

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