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Andrew KE8P

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Country: United States

  • I still want a plushbot to make for my wife from last Valentine's day... https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11070

  • In today's new product post: a bear with a really big banana!

  • From one of your amateur radio op customers, thank you for being responsible about not causing more RF pollution. Interference can become stressful on both the interfering and interfered-with sides. Less interference = better world for everyone!

  • "Expect some Raspberry Pi related products from SparkFun in the not too distant future."

    Definitely looking forward to it! I have a Rpi, but I haven't used it very much, it's been sitting there for weeks waiting for me to have an idea. I just got an idea yesterday (webcam+Rpi+photoresistor or door switch), and some accessories (a case, a prototyping shield with a breadboard) would be great. In fact, a case with a power supply and a built-in powered USB hub would kick ass!

  • I might take you up on that discount on Saturday! By chance will you be selling any antenna tuners, antenna bridges, or air variable caps? 73!

  • I second coming to Ohio. In fact, you may want to setup a booth at Dayton Hamvention next year (the Hamvention is this weekend, and I can't imagine that you'd be able to make it out here by Friday).

    There's a lot of amateur radio operators that need/want electronics and they have a microcontroller forum this year at the show. Additionally, the national association for Amateur Radio (the ARRL) is pushing more of the DIY concept, as many amateur radio operators build equipment, accessories, or other related stuff.

  • I really wish the "related products" had the battery that connects to that battery header. :)

  • "With these last few parts, my Leif Ericson Day decorations will be complete!"

  • That would be much better than us getting headaches from all the captchas.

  • Maybe it's my computer. It is counting every OTHER second, so 3:31, 3:29, 3:27 etc. My computer also posts all my comments twice.

    Dell + Chrome + Windows FTL!