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  • Other than 10 bucks, what's the difference between this iron and AT936B?

  • Does this knob have an isolation voltage rating? I want to know if it would be safe to use this knob on an encoder that is not SELV. The isolation rating of COM-09117 is only 50V.

  • Not to be too much of a spoil-sport, but you should also carefully consider the FAA rules as well. See the FAA fact sheet for a quick introduction and Rule AC91-57 for details. In particular, vehicles must stay less than 400' AGL, and be successfully flight tested prior to the competition day. Additionally, the competition is on the hairy edge of being within 3 miles of the muni airport, and SFE should notify the airport authorities about the competition.
    The "is of sufficient distance from populated areas" may be a sticking point with the airport. Perhaps a max weight limit would be acceptable, with failsafe required on all aircraft regardless of weight.

  • kwan3217:<br />
    Also, 59Hz is hopelessly slow, especially on the gyros. A rule of thumb I have seen is either 100 samples per rotation, if you know the rotation rate, or 200Hz, whichever is higher<br />
    <br />
    Where does this come from? I respectfully disagree. Since you are only integrating the data, 10x the maximum pole of the system dynamics is fine. This sample rate should be enough to reliably follow up to 6Hz of vibration.<br />
    <br />

  • Speaking of flat 6DOF, SFE could have already done such a thing with a 3-axis accel, IDG500, and an AXRS610. Just sayin'.

  • Can this work with a Li-Po (peak voltage of 4.2 VDC)?

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